Myths About Plasma TVs


You see a lot of misinformation in the marketplace about plasma TVs, just as you do about LCD TVs. It’s important to keep in mind that that misinformation is just that–myth.

Plasma TVs are not short-lived. As discussed in our┬ásection on screen lifespan, a modern plasma TV can last up to seven years–of continuous use, and unless you’re a permanent insomniac, it’s likely to be more than seven years.

To increase lifespan, you have to make sure you adjust your TV when you first get it. Most plasma TVs are set with high contrast and brightness levels, suitable where there’s a lot of bright ambient light. You should carefully adjust the picture yourself.

More Myths

Plasma TVs don’t have to be serviced–they’re not cars, and people who spread this

myth are simply showing their ignorance.

You can get a high-definition plasma TV or a regular-definition plasma TV. The idea that high definition will always produce a better picture is a myth–it depends on what you’re viewing. Unless it’s high-definition shows you’re viewing, you’re unlikely to notice the difference, although your pocketbook will.

Yet More Myths

Another myth is that plasma TVs are fantastically difficult to install. They aren’t, at least if you hire a professional to do it. You have to be careful wall hanging–it’s very dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Yet another myth is that plasma TVs emit dangerous radiation. They don’t. All TVs, including traditional TVs, radiate in the electromagnetic spectrum. But traditional TVs emit more, and the federal government sets maximum limits.

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