Christmas Table Decoration


We are familiar with Christmas decorations Red & Green colors and accustomed themes, but we always thrive for new ideas or concepts for decorating our Christmas tables and households. We all agree that overstated-luxurious items are very expensive, and at times of economic crisis and twists like the ones we are facing now, we have to be “creatively smart” to purchase low-cost yet beautifully appealing materials for decoration.

Becoming Handy, whether on Christmas or other occasions, exposes our creative mind which makes a great impression on our guests as on our family members. Exciting right?

Well, who said “expensive taste” has to do with “everything” that is expensive and extravagant!!? You can have an exquisite AFFORDABLE table decoration with beautifully designed Napkins, Table Ornaments, Candles, Table Cloths, Centerpieces, and miniatures Art-Deco, along with matching themes and colors to also decorate your home with just a limited Budget!

The secret to a successful appealing decoration relies on the “TASTE”. Personal taste. Personal perception of things. YOUR STYLE.

Forget what Pablo Picasso once said: “Taste is the enemy of creativeness”.

TASTE is THE Identity. Taste is who you are and what you like.

Indulge yourself and look around. Pick what you like and what you aspire to present as a decoration for your loved ones, hence, flash out your creativity with the budget you have (don’t worry, every store has at least one or a dozen affordable items). ALWAYS REMEMBER to use Recycled materials/items for they are cheaper and more beautiful. Any occasion has a special mood, and Christmas mood is no exception, it is related to our Five senses: sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste.

Things to DO:

Some of the best Christmas Decorating free ideas come from Nature‘s wonderful storehouse of goods.

So, when you set your table, remember to include some candles. Candlelight makes for a wonderful holiday ambiance. Add a little holly or fresh pine around the base and you’ve got a perfect Christmas decoration-free idea. A fine-looking cozy sight!

Colored Leaves. Start by gathering brightly colored leaves during the fall and waxing them. These are fantastic as ornaments or as colorful touches to decorate holiday tables; spread them around on coffee tables, fireplace stands, nightstands, beds, kitchen corners, etc.  

Music. If you have a VCR or a radio you can fill your home with musical splendor. Remember that decoration isn’t merely visual – we experience it through all our senses, and this touch is like icing on the cake.

Meals. Meals play an important role in the holidays, so now is the perfect time to pull out your special China. If you don’t have anything “special” try going to second-hand shops and seek out single pieces in bright-festive colors and designs to use. These often are affordable.

Scent. Nothing brings a feeling of Christmas spirit more quickly and more intensely than scent. Put a pot of mulled Apple cider on the stove and let the scent fill your whole home. Or simply boil some cloves, cinnamon, ginger, and orange peel on the stove for scent.

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