Workplace Decoration Tips

Office Decor

Your office is your other home in a way, so you will need to make sure you have a place that feels like home if you want to be as productive as you can be without feeling like just another drone in a corporate hive. In most cases people try to balance the comforts of our homes with the professional image of a business company by moving part of the home environment in the office , but that takes some work and preparation if you want to make it happen. Chances are you will need to do quite a bit of work to ensure things will work out right, so we will explain a few things before you move on to the task at hand:

First Impressions

Spending each and every day at the office often makes it easy to forget the way others see the space we occupy during work hours. You will need to ensure you have an office environment that speaks for itself and the people working inside will like being present inside the office. You can look at possible options of making a good first impression by putting up some accent pieces and a good and eye-catching centerpiece. This will help ensure you’re making a point in the best way possible.

Adding Colors

This is the ideal thing to do if your office space needs to mirror the type of work you are involved with. Neutral colors are good for conservative work such as legal services, financing and banks, but the more creative spectrum of the business world can benefit from bolder colors. Graphic designers and photographers as well or any business can really enjoy the vibrancy brought by warmer and more pleasant colors such as reds, yellows, oranges and other varieties. You must also think of possible ways to approach the subject of placing the brand name logo of your company into the decorations if applicable. You can consider using it in a way that would bring out the best possible psychological impact for your client base.

Furniture Alternatives and Cost Effectiveness

Think of a place where you can find the best possible options for office furniture. It may not always be the local office supply store, so you will need to look for other options you can work with. Discount stores can sometimes give you bad quality furniture as a default choice, so you will need to do research before you move on to the next step. Consider buying furniture in separate pieces, rather than whole sets as this will let you choose with more freedom in mind. Real estate companies will often work staging into their business, so you may be able to find good advice through a company of that type, as well as good deals on stager furniture that may be on discount.

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Tips To Make Your Home Look Clean And Comfortable That You Can Try

Clean & Comfortable

With the condition of the house that looks clean and comfortable, it will be able to make residents feel at home. Therefore, make it a habit for you to always clean the house. You can do it alone, or together with other family members. Here are some tips to make your home look clean and comfortable

Tips to Make Your Home Look Clean

Clean the Kitchen and Dining Room After Dining

We recommend that after you and your family finish eating, to immediately clean all the cutlery, such as spoons, plates, glasses, forks, and so on as soon as possible. Thus, dirt and food stains on these food utensils can be easily cleaned. Because if left for too long, of course all the food utensils will smell bad and will be more difficult to clean.

Arrange the Circulation of the Room So that it is Well Maintained

When you wake up in the morning, you should get in the habit of opening the bedroom window so that air circulation can be maintained. Maybe this looks trivial and is often ignored, but in this way it can get rid of germs and bad bacteria that collect in the room at night. For that, the steps to guard before you get a disease don’t hurt for you to try.

Make it a Habit to Always Empty the Laundry Basket Every Week

By storing dirty clothes in the laundry room for too long, apart from being unsightly and smelly, it can also cause the clothes to be damaged by being infested by fungus. Therefore, do not let the laundry accumulate. At least once a week for you to wash, so that you don’t run out of time for washing clothes.

4 Simple Steps in Cleaning the House

  1. Use a vacuum cleaner every day to clean every corner of the room

2. Use a vacuum cleaner every day to clean every corner of the room

3. Use a vacuum cleaner every day to clean every corner of the room

4. Use a vacuum cleaner every day to clean every corner of the room

Note: Easy enough? For that, from now on, let’s try to apply the tips above so that your house will always look clean and comfortable.

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Three DIY Garden Decoration Ideas

Decoration Ideas

The outdoors is a wonderful place most of us really enjoy spending time in, fresh air and sunlight can do good for anyone. Even if we really don’t have much time to deal with it, we can still create a unique and interesting experience for all who enjoy our garden space. You can really change things around, but to do that you will have to do a good bit of work yourself. There are a few ideas ahead which will give you an idea about the things you can do to make it happen. Even if you happen to be a novice at gardening, you won’t have to worry about it too much, as you can still do a good bit of decorating done without wasting too much resources. Whether it‘s a patio or a large backyard, the following ideas will work for all situations with a little bit of preparation

Ideas are Following

Making a Glass Bottle Border

The next time you decide to toss your glass bottles in the trash, you may want to consider using them for other purposes. Saving them up and using them for another purpose will give you a lot more to use when you need it. Bury the tops of the bottles and use their colorful bottom ends exposed to the elements for a simple, yet rewarding border for your vegetable or flower patches. If you don’t really buy glass bottles too often, you can usually find them pretty cheap online or at recycling centers or even a restaurant you may visit, giving them a second chance at life around your home. 

Hanging Beaded Planters

Grab a wire cutter, wire, some beads and buttons, needle-nose pliers  and anything else you believe you may need to thread together, as well as a container. You can drill some water holes into the container, just a few on the bottom and three around the lip of it so you can thread the wire through it. Loop said wire through the holes and twist it a few times to give it strength. You will then need to begin threading the flare into the wire, such as plastic beads, buttons and other similar colorful additions, so they can shimmer and shine in direct sunlight. Make sure you thread all 3 wires in the same length and twist them around the edges, making a loop for it to hang on.

A Fire Pit

You will need the following materials: some marine silicone, small oval rocks, glass frames, a metal mesh, a metal planter with an edge and gel fuel. Once you have all of this, you will need to move on to making the glass box. Run a bead of silicone on the edge of the glass panel, then place another piece over the siliconed edge. Press the edge onto it and hold it together like that for a few minutes until it settles and holds. Follow that up by doing the second edge, then wait for it and prop both sides up until they can stand and look like four walls. You will now need to run a thin bead of silicone on both exposed edges of the glass, then place the final piece between the two edges and make sure you don’t smear any of it. When you’re done you should have a box. Once it dries off, you can place it on top of the metal planter, making sure you have enough edge near the center so you can put metal mesh on it. Cut a piece of the mesh that fits the glass box, then place your gel fuel in the middle, still in its can. Cover the surface of the planter with the mesh, then cover it with some rocks, leaving some space between the rocks so the fire will still burn. You should always use fuel meant for gel fireplaces and you would be even able to use the fire pit indoors too. Always make sure you use a metal planter for the bottom. The flames will last for about three hours and you can always snuff them out by covering the can of gel fuel with something non-flammable.

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Joyoung CTS-1098 Soy Milk Maker Review

Milk Maker

Price Range: $140-$160

Who Would Buy this

Those shopping for a soy milk maker. The Joyoung CTS-1098 can also be used for making rice milk, almond milk, flax milk, and just about any plant milk you can imagine.

Purpose of Product

To automatically make soy milk or any plant milk according to the owner’s preferences. Homemade soy milk allows for total customization. Issues related to additives, sugars, and GMO beans do not have to be a problem when making soy milk at home.


Prepare up to 1.3 liters of soy milk in the comfort of your own home with the Joyoung CTS-1098. Make approximately the same amount of soy milk you would buy in a carton at the store with this machine. At $3-$5 a carton for soy milk at any grocery store, the costs of drinking soy milk can add u over time. When it comes to making your own soy milk, you will notice an incredible amount of savings as soy beans are cheap (even non-GMO soybeans) and soy milk requires a far smaller amount of beans than one ma imagine. I estimate that homemade soy milk easily costs 66% less than store bought. Making your own rice and flax milk will save you even more money. Almond milk is a little more debatable, but I truly question how a carton of almond milk can cost the same as soy milk when soybeans are about 50% as expensive as almonds. This most likely means almond milk at the store is low quality stuff.

Automate you soy milk making with programmable functions. Setup of the machine is easy, just place the soaked soybeans into the basin and add water to the fill mark. The machine will boil and grind the soybeans into a milky consistency. In twenty minutes, hot soy milk is ready to be served. Now, this is a product made in China by a Chinese company, but the machine is very intuitive and basically ready to be operated right out of the box. A manual is provided with the machine, but the initial setup and operation really is as simple as plugging it in and pressing a button. You will want to wash out the metal basin and the blending part with hot water and soap before first use though as with any cooking appliance.

Enjoy fresh, hot soy milk every morning. If you were ingenious enough, you could design a system where your machine literally will have hot soy milk ready to be used right when you wake up. You would need to soak the soybeans the day before, and then place them in the basin with water overnight (you could soak them in the basin overnight, I like to wash all beans before cooking though). Hook the Joyoung up to a timer to go off at the specified time and voila. Hot soy milk. The idea of drinking hot soy milk is foreign and unknown to most people. We always store our milk in refrigeration, whether it be cow’s milk or plant milk. Experiencing a glass of hot soy milk is truly a life changing moment. For many of you out there with attachments to coffee and tea, consider switching over to hot soy milk as a possible caffeine-free alternative.

Cleanup is easy with the Joyoung CTS-1098. All you have to do is rinse the basin and the blending gears off. However, you will run into trouble if you leave the basin sitting out and let the leftover remnants of the soy milk dry out. Be sure to get the basin and blending gear submerged in water as soon as your use with the machine is over. If you can not drink or use all the soy milk in one sitting, I would advice storing the milk in a mason jar to be refrigerated and cleaning the Joyoung right away.


Be aware of the limits of the filter. I am mostly happy with the filtration process that accompanies the Joyoung CTS-1098 Soy Milk Maker, but it is not the best in the world. Some small bits will not be screened out and the milk will not be 100% pure liquid. Tiny solid fragments will exist. This really does not bother me too much, as I now use the majority of soy milk I make in oatmeal and smoothies, rather than drinking it straight. Even then, the tiny fragments might bother the pickiest of people, but they are not that noticeable and do not bother the seasoned drinker.


Joyoung provides a one year warranty on their soy milk maker if any defect comes up as a result of the manufacturing of the product. for a Chinese company, Joyoung is incredibly customer friendly with English speaking customers and attempts to help the user with any problems that may come up.

The Amazon A-Z Guarantee is the best guarantee in the market. In the event that the product is not delivered, delivered in a broken condition, or is not meeting the quality expectations of the buyer, the item may be returned to Amazon for a full refund. A 30 day window exists to file a claim to Amazon over any problem that may come up with the product.

Value for Money?

I fully believe that paying for soy milk or any plant milk at the store is a complete ripoff. The milks provided at the store almost always have some unwanted product in it, and many do not taste that good to begin with. Homemade, hot soy milk is hands down one of the great discoveries only vegans seem to make. Think of a soy milk maker as a long term investment. Anyone out there that purchases plant based milks will likely make up the cost differential between store price and soybean price within a year or two. For quality, long term affordability, and hot soy milk, the Joyoung CTS-1098 is a great deal for the money.

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